Childres classes ages 6-11 CLOSED FOR NOW AS OF OCT 1 2015

"Hitting and kicking people as a method of self defense is obsolete."
- Sensei McNally


Hoboken Aikikai's Children's Program offers your child an excellent introduction to basic Aikido techniques. Children learn non-violent solutions to conflict. From the very first class they are encouraged to practice with self-discipline and cooperation that respects others and the tradition of Aikido.

Because Aikido focuses on the fundamentals of concentration and harmony, children benefit both on the mat and off. Not only will they learn effective, non-violent self-defense techniques in a friendly and fun atmosphere, their physical and mental functioning will develop significantly. The practice of Aikido will improve their strength, stamina, flexibility, coordination, self-confidence, intuitiveness, alertness, focus, and concern for others. 

You are always welcome! Bring your child to watch or take a free class.



8 - 11 years old


Mondays and Fridays 7:00 - 7:45 PM



Great exercise and children learn to take a safe fall.  
A skill that literally saved my life!

Below are clips of typical aikido classes for children. If they don't play click on the YouTube link. ENJOY!