Understand Yourself

Do what professionals do! Collaborate with those that empower you. 

Get a Life Coach to assist you in: 

  • organizing your ideas 
  • clarifying your goals 
  • developing a sense of purpose
  • expanding or paring down your action plan so that you can achieve results

Learn life skills to: 

  • do the work you want to do 
  • tap into the power of self-motivation 
  • create limitless opportunities 
  • design your future 
  • maximize your potential
  • identify your core values 
  • build confidence and self-esteem
  • overcome blocks and patterns that hold you back 
  • improve your relationship with your child, spouse, parent, co-workers 
  • empower your children 
  • enjoy well-being and contentment

Learn practical strategies for:

  • Stress resiliency 
  • Communication skills
  • Self-discovery
  • Personal growth
  • Emotional healing
  • Rational thinking
  • Behavioral change
  • Positive self-talk

As you think so you become.

If you think you can’t do something, you won’t. If you think you can, you will. 

Train your mind to think like the successful coach you have inside you!

Once you have been coached you will have the skills to do the same for yourself and others.

This is the empowerment. This is the promise.

The training

Happily the training is fun and interesting. The training can be done in the comfort of your own home on the phone or Skype. It will bring you one step closer to fulfilling your dreams. Once you’ve started the doing, the fear drops away. Instead of being afraid of challenges, you will see them as opportunities to test yourself and grow in new areas. Feel the fear and do it anyway. Begin now!

The Life Coach

“Choice, not circumstance, determines your success.”

Martha Stratienko is now working full-time as a certified coach. She brings to the coaching profession her knowledge, imagination, creativity, intuition, and great desire to be of service to others. She can help you understand what is holding you back in your life. I have known Martha for the past thirty years, as a fellow traveler on the path toward self-actualization and as a close personal friend. She spent ten years in the study of eastern philosophies under the guidance of a renown Indian Master, as well as many years in the corporate world, some of which included the design and implementation of corporate seminars dealing with values and ethics.

“I am a certified life coach with the ability to provide you with a personal center of excellence. I’d like to tell you how I can empower you, save you time, and save you money by using my skills to be your professional coach. I can provide you with peace of mind in challenging situations. Whenever you partner with me, you will get honest and open feedback to support your development. In the same way that you use energy to beat yourself down, I can provide new and ancient techniques proven to build you up - tools for clear expectations and outcomes, confidence strategies, goal setting, personal impact and influence.

Because you are busy I can provide flexibility. As I work on the phone and internet, you will be able to schedule your training at your convenience, freeing you up to concentrate on your life.

Affordable rates. I work from home and pass this savings on to you and the process is not a long one.

I have dedicated my life to this work. It’s my goal to be the experienced professional you choose to work with. You don’t have to go it alone."


Martha and Mandorla